When we created Bisous, we set out to “solve” sunglasses. Our mission would not be complete without addressing the biggest problem of luxury sunglasses, LOSING THEM.

The Bisous Club allows members to replace pairs, lost or damaged, for only $65. Becoming a member is fun, all you need to do is: (1)Register your pair's unique edition number and (2)Post or send a photo of a dog wearing them (@iwearbisous). 

This is an honor code system, and we reserve the right to use our discretion to prevent abuses. This only works if people are honest, otherwise we won't be in business long. Our bet is that all the dishonest sunglasses customers in the world probably buy from other brands and probably don't have easy access to dogs. 

The idea here is simple, once you own Bisous, all we want is for you to be happy, and that means protecting you if anything ever happens to your Bisous. We want to be your sunglasses for life. 

Welcome to the Club.

"Proud Bisous Club Member @puffinandbennie"

How It Works

Step 1 - Register your name to the edition of your shades by clicking here
Step 2 - Post a photo of a dog wearing your glasses and tag us in it (@iwearbisous), or email us one. If you are allergic to dogs, work at a zoo with access to lions and/or have a better idea, we are open to hear it, but we need an amazing photo.
Step 2 and a half
– If you inspire us with the power of your image, we might just send you another free pair for the fun of it.
Step 3 - If you ever break or lose your shades just **email us and we will get them replaced ASAP. Once you replace a pair, in order to stay a member, you need to repeat steps 1 and 2 with your new pair. Note that our Limited Edition Bi$ous pairs might be unavailable for replacement.

You Will Be Happy You Joined the Club When...

1. You are relaxing on an exiled Russian billionaire’s boat off the coast of Colombia and you accidentally drop them in the water.
2. You are heli-skiing in Norway and a bear eats them
3. You wake up to find them missing after wearing them indoors at a nightclub that you heard Kanye West partied at once.

Club Members