Our lenses are manufactured in a state of the art facility in Korea and constructed from CR-39, a polymer with half the weight of glass but the same index of refraction. Our lenses are polarized and UV400 grade, meaning they block 100% of harmful UVB and UVA rays. You should never let any lens on your face that is not CR-39.

CR-39 does not age and is even resistant to gamma radiation. CR-39 was actually developed in WWII for use in B-17 bombers because of its reduced weight and superior impact and scratch resistant qualities. In fact, it has the highest scratch and abrasion resistance of any polymer in existence. Just for good measure, we add an impact resistant coating to all of our CR-39 lenses. 


After years of searching, we found a factory in Germany that specializes in manufacturing some of the strongest hinges in the world. While we do not encourage you to do so, you can bend a pair of Bisous 90 degrees and bend them back without the metal in the hinge snapping. Hinges are critical for maintaining the feeling of a solid construction and ensuring that the glasses never feel like they have aged. Oh, and we also include a custom screwdriver with every pair, so you can always keep it tight.

Truly built to withstand the rigors of leisure, or any other rigors you may encounter.


Our frames are made of custom milled cellulose acetate (more on that below) and custom milled and custom plated metal. We bound the metal into the the acetate to form the frame.

Our frames are imbued with their design and colors, so they cannot be scratched or worn off.

Most sunglasses have colors sprayed on because they are made out of petroleum based plastics and manufactured via injection molding. This makes the frames easily scratched and broken. We would never wish this low quality upon anyone. 


Our frames are made of cellulose acetate, a cotton and wood derivative that provides the optimal balance of strength, lightness and flexibility. The pattern of an acetate is permanent and cannot be worn down or washed away. 

We source acetates from Italy, where the process of milling the acetate has been perfected over generations.

If we had it our way, it would be illegal for the "fancy" brands to sell non-cellulose acetate frames, which they do far too often. Think about it, would you rather have your frames be made from petroleum or cotton? And no surprise, our pairs are far less flamable than many competitors (in case you are a fire fighter). 

Our acetate is what provides the perfect weight to a sturdy pair of glasses. They don’t just look great, they feel great.


No one should have to take their sunglasses off just to open their phone, so we fixed that too. It helps to have an architect on your team that can design a blueprint around the specs of electronic companies.


...are a nuisance. They get caught in your hair, they bend, they break. We built our sunglasses so that we could solve this problem.

We added grooves to the surface to decrease slippage as well. The front of the frames are held together by a single piece of alloy which significantly increases the strength of the entire frame.


We have an architect on our team. He balanced the weights of our sunglasses and calibrated the angles of the hinges and frames to achieve the proportions of perfection. If the Vitruvian man wore sunglasses, they would be Bisous.