We spent four years making the most beautiful pair of sunglasses in the world.

Why did we do it? The love of building something new. This is our art. These are our pride, every time we see them worn it brings us joy. We all have full time jobs, and we plan on keeping them. We don’t expect to make great fortunes from Bisous, we do it for the glory.

We had a vision for these frames and two guiding principles for constructing them. The first is “Without Compromise.” One of us (Bert) is an architect and was able to transform vision into a real, masterfully engineered product. We are a Miami and Shanghai company because that is home for us. As expats in a foreign country, we travel all over the globe and have built a network of suppliers to source every perfect input along the way. Our acetate is from Italy, our hinges from Germany, our lenses from Korea. Our materials are manufactured by partners that often have been crafting their products for generations. There are brands out there that charge hundreds of dollars for products that are of inferior quality to Bisous. We see it and we sigh. We created these as an alternative for ourselves, and we are thrilled to offer as an alternative to our customers as well.

Our second guiding principle is that our products are “Built to Withstand the Rigors of Leisure.” We want people to wear these all the time without fear of losing or damaging them. Bisous is not just about beautiful design, but having fun. Once you own a pair, you never need to fear needing a replacement (The Club). The spirit of Miami and Shanghai is one of adventure, of excitement, of radiating energy. It is the warmth of the sun shining on you, whether you are walking out of a skyscraper or onto a beach. We are committed to bringing this ethos to every one of our customers.

And one more thing, we love to hear from our fellow voyagers. Please send us an email or a message on Instagram to tell us what you think. Tell us about your rigors of leisure. Tell us about how we can be better for you. Ultimately, all we want, the reason we are sharing all of this, is to make you as happy with your sunglasses as we are with ours.

Jonas, Jimmy & Bert